We are happy to introduce the rewards program to all customers who own a Comfort Systems, USA installed system or maintain maintenance memberships

We believe that our customers are the heart of our success and our future, and that's why we offer the best options and equipment available. We are continuing to evaluate our products with a sponsorship program and are adjusting our advertising to reach new customers. Our search for the best vehicle to reach new customers led to the discovery that it was you. We are so pleased that our customers think highly enough of us to suggest our services to their friends and families, that we want to give back.

We don't want to leave anyone out just because you haven't upgraded your system to a Comfort Systems, USA installed system, so we are extending the rewards to any customer who refers 10 or more people to sign up for a maintenance membership, or refers a new customer which results in an install. If you give a referral that results in an install, we will offer at no charge an Ultimate Savings Agreement. That's a year's maintenance membership on one complete system for free. Over $215 savings!